That old tricks ,series 2.

a1ministryakafaithaliveassemblyThank God for the first series of this message .we saw how the host of darkness tempted Jesus,trying to used the old tricks to bring Him down. Today we are taking our text from matthew 4:2. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights,he was afterward an hungered. From this bible vers ,they is a great lesson here. They is a time in the life of Jesus,when He lark some things in his life. And the word of God says He was hungry ! He was hungry for food. And the host of darkness saw these as a great oppotunitie to trick Jesus with the issue of hunger. But thank God for Jesus to understand the old tricks of the devil. He did not sell His soul for food. Today billions of souls are selling they souls ,because of problem is not a permanet issue ,but this is the same old tricks the devil is using to collect people glory,like he did to Adam and Eve,same food issue. And same food issue he is using today to tricks billions of souls to his kindom. Dont let the devil to use the issue of food to tricks you to his kindom! .we shall continoun the series 3 of these lesson. God bless you. Pastor kingsway victor Oghenejator.