The races of humanity

Edited several times already. Added content on 21 April 2019:

Yes, it is true regardless how hard you want to believe to the contrary.

The races of humanity is one of the biggest lies that all of humanity perpetuates upon one another historically and daily. It is purely a human social construct with zero scientific supporting data/fact. The races or division of the human species most likely began at the event at the Tower of Babel. When God deleted the one common language from the brains of a disobedient humanity and downloaded many basic languages into the specific groups of humans whom He selected. This began the division and the races of man which was predicated upon which language each group of people knew. So in other words the deference’s in languages defined what race a person was. Then races evolved into different considerations like cheek bones, eye shapes, size and shape of noses, height and skin tones. This evolved into hatreds and angers and wars. The genocide of peoples and tribes occurred at it doesn’t matter which continent your from or which group of people. All of humanity has done evil and horrendous things to each other. All based in lies and we continue to perpetuate atrocities unto other peoples. The Americans do not have a monopoly on racists acts and atrocities.

Here is your scientific facts. That all of humanity is of one family or as the native tribes of North America have always stated. We are all of one relation.

1984, was the beginning of DNA profiling. Which basically only uses about 1% of the total DNA panels used in any court of law across the entire planet. Why only 1% is used. Because that is where the differences happen within each human being. This is where innocence or guilt is established. This is also the genetic data used to free wrongly convicted persons of crimes. Especially, if they were still alive and still incarcerated. So what of the other approximate 99% of the DNA data? Why isn’t that used? Because all of that genetic data suggests that the other approximate 99% DNA shows to be identical. That leaves about 1% which identifies who you are genetically. That is since 1984 and yet no one knows.

2004, The completion of the Human Genome Project further proved that MORE THAN 99.9% of all of our DNA is identical to one another. This percentage is also based on a rather large/long number. A number so huge that it would nearly stretch across the solar system. So that large number means that more than 99.9% is as close to absolute certainty as you can get. This also means that less than .1% of your total DNA is all uniquely you. So when you ask who is your brother and sister all you have to do is gaze upon the 7.7 Billion souls on this planet to see your brother or sister. This absolute evidence has been out since 2004. So why do the common people of the whole world do not know this absolute scientific certainty?

You can watch the whole forty minute video. But the important stuff begins at 7 minutes and 30 seconds. The profound stuff begins at 8 minutes and 50 seconds all the way to 9 minutes and 30 seconds. All the way to the introduction of that important European person on the video screen.

What can we take away from this. It proves that humanity began with very few people as in Noah and the other 7 adults. In which their gene line goes back to one adult male female grouping known as Adam and Eve. In which Eve was created using genetic material from Adam. Eve may in fact be a genetic female clone of Adam.

Because of the revealed scientific facts of 2004 and 1984. Christian churches all over the world must stop using terms in regards to races of humanity. For any Christian to continue to speak in regards to the races after they know the scientific facts. Is that Christian perpetuating a lie in the knowing. Single ethnic group churches must end. We are all human brothers and sisters to each other as well as brothers and sisters in Christ. Then spiritually speaking we are all one spiritual body.

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