The Trinity God.

GODS creation ability is cannot be reach.

TO partner with us you can reach us at any time through our contact on this website,our paypal account, now let move on to our disscustion. The God who created the heavens and the earth is a triple God in natur. some people dont know God as God of trinity ,thire only know Him as God and nothing more ,why some dont belived in the word trinity ;well any way round, lets dive at the text of this topic GENESIS 1:26. .And God said ,let us make man in our image, after our likeness;and let them have dominion over the the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every creeping things that creepth upon the earth. now let see some word in the text were we just reald ,first GOD said let us make man!! now who do you think God is speaking with here Himself or unknow force? from this first word of God you can now know that God is speaking to other spirit being like Himself!!.another word we need to know from the text of this topic is that God said,let create man after our likeness !!our is not single word rither a word of plural which stand for more than one thing.from this you can now know that God is speaking to Himself and the Son and the HOLY Spirit. GENESIS 5:1,GENESIS 9:6 PSALM 100:3,ECC 7:29, ACTS 17:20,ACTS 28:29, 1 COR 11:7,EPH 4:24,COL 3:10, JAM, 3:9,PASLM 8:6. okay just look at youself ,you have the flesh,the spirit,and the soul, this three element in human made us complete human but still one human. God can split Himself in differnt part to achive His God the father ,God the son and God the Holy Spirit is one in one but can split Himself to achive different porpurs in diffrent ways .God indeed cannot be comprehend. stay bless till nest post God bless you. yours pastor Oghenejator victor.if you dont know Him recieve Him now!!.

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