Is their creator?

GOD in deed is caring GOD

HAVE YOU EVER ASK YOURSELF HOW GOD CREATED HIM SELF OR HOW HE CREATED THE HEAVEN AND EARTH AND THE HOST THEY OF? one of the funny thing about God is that He knew all the names of what he created and another mathematical part of God is that He never gives us the brain of how He was created, only Him knew how He was created !!!; one of the most nice part of God is that He knew how He created us but we dont know how He created him—- self,that made Him a euniq God in deed;! PSALM 147:4 SAID.He telleth the number of stars ;He calleth them all by their powerful is our GOD!!? of a truth our GOD rains indeed, ””the greatness of GOD cant be comprehend by anyone ::!like the word of GOD said, it is only a fool that says in is mind that theire is no GOD’ of a truth that is a laughable statement,have you ever see were a building grows from the grand without anyone putting it in place? i know that answer is capital letter NO.well if you have not know that GOD am speaking about,it is time for you to know Him now because the next minuts may be too late!!!!…..if you want to know that GOD who created you ,just gown on your knees and say a word of pray for Jesus to come in to your life and that is it! if you just say a word of pray then you are welcome to the world of unending light.for a word of pray or of it kind, you can reach us with our contact menu above and if you want to support this mission to move forward you can use our paypal account, GOD bless you.

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