Do you see thanking God as anyting meaningful to you? or you think God do not deserve it from you ?…..well for anyone not to be thankfull to HIS creator is a sign of proundness and proud goth befor the down line of a man. God gave us free water,air ,sun,food,cloths,life,just to list a few of them,God indeed is caring maker.if you are yet to know him ,it means you are very very ungreatfull to your provider,accepting him into your life is the important step to tell Him thank you for all He gave to you and the once ahead of you”’!for you who knew him already do more to give Him more glory.they are so many ways to to thank God ,you can thank Him by self service,in kind,in cash etc;well if you are not doing more to thank Him do so now !!!!.God bless you .for prayers or of it kind, kindly use the menu contact to reach us. and to support this mission you can use our paypal account, . and to see our latest post just click follow.thank you shalon .

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